We use the tool Wordpress to build your future website!

Lion Riviera Key Solutions will help you to be seen in the digital world. Together we will look at the purpose of the website, its target group and define which elements should the website contain.

It seems to be easy to come up with the information, requests and requirements for a website, but extremely difficult to know where to start and how to present the information.

Depending on which package you choose, your website may be more or less advanced, with built-in blog, SEO and responsive for different platforms. As an option we offer WOO commerce and multilingual websites.

With our knowledge and experience we help you to find the right layout on your website and highlight important content. The website should feel modern, simple and at the same time be easily useful for the visitor!

Once the website is in place, you should keep it alive. This means that you should have ongoing updates, maintenance and improvements on their website, also do regular backups.
We are happy to help you with that as well.

We offer 3 different packages for your future site, depending on your needs and various services.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Wordpress Theme

WordPress is the world's most used CMS and runs the majority of all websites. Our expertise is to make your WordPress website safe, user-friendly, fast, responsive, SEO optimized as well as customizable.

We choose the best plugins for each feature and make your website modern, simple as well as easy to use by your visitors.

SEO Optimized

We create your website ready for SEO (search engine optimizer) and help to bring out the keywords as well as optimize the website so it is available on the different search engines.

Wordpress has a good foundation with search engine friendly URLs and a clear link structure when it comes to SEO. Our websites get better placements on the search engines right from the start we use the Yoast SEO plugin which is very good and user friendly.

Responsive website

An important part of website building is adaptation to different platforms, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

We always choose the Wordpress theme that has the option of responsive customization.


We work with the WooCommerce tool and help you set up a web shop. The Plugin Woocomerce is user-friendly, flexible and contains lots of features, such as: manages sale prices, different sales taxes and freight classes, hierarchical product categories, sales statistics, order processing and customer login. Good for a small web shop or larger online store.

Internationall with WPML

If you want to reach more customers, stakeholders or readers, you might want to have your website in multiple languages. We use the WPML language tool to make your Web site multilingual.

Social media optimized

If you're an experienced user of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, and more and want to integrate it with your new website, we'll help you with that. Either with a like box, or with a split button.

If you're not using social media today, but want to start doing that, we'll help you create a profile on one or more pages on social media.


Help to register a domain www.address.xx

Wordpress theme

Number of pages

Number of e-mail addresses


Social media integration

Call to action

Contact form

Picture Gallery


SEO - optimazed



WOO commerce



€ 999

Max 5

Max 5



€ 1999

Max 10

Max 10



€ 2999



Incl. 1 language

More than 1 language extra choice

Extra choice



After the launch of your website we offer you services in operation and support. Your website is operated in a customized environment with high security. It will be updated and backed up regularly. Contact us for a cost estimate for operation and support to suit your needs.


Once your page has been released and in operation, we will help you with specific questions as well as solving any issues. Do you feel that you want an extra review of features on your website, we are here for you!


We help you with regular security updates, version updates and plugin uppdates to keep your website safe, high-performance and up-to-date. We will make back ups for your website regularly.